FormChamp FAQs

1. I didn’t received the signup email. How long does it take to receive it?

A. The signup email should be received within seconds, but it can take sometime up to several minutes. If after 10 or more minutes you have nor received your signup email confirmation, there is a high change that either you typed it wrong, or you have some kind of anti-spam filter that is helding our email captive. Check your spam folder, and make sure your anti-spam tool doesn’t require any kind of challenge response to deliver our email to your inbox.
2. Why has my account has been suspended?

A. Like most other form generators, we protect against phishing sites and forgeries. To do this, our software scans forms and will automatically suspend a user if the form has fields that violate our terms: this is often a field for a password or account details or links to banks.
3. Why am I getting a ‘Forgery’ or ‘Phishing’ security warning in my browser?

A. We protect against phishing sites and forgeries and work closely with Google and phishing protecting agencies to stop unscrupulous customers. If you find that your browser shows a warning, change the code to access your form from ‘www.formchamp.com/form.php?id=xxxx’ to ‘www.formchamp.com/goform.php?id=xxxx’ (where id=xxx is the number of your form which you will find in the control panel).
4. What happens with the information that is submitted with my form?

A. You have several choices. You can have it sent to you by email, you can have it saved to FormChamp control panel to read and use later, or you can submit it to some kind of other service ( ex. order forms to paypal )
5. I’ve just made my first form, works great but I do not receive the email with the submission.

A. Please make sure you have entered the correct email address. Edit your form and on the first step of the wizard, make sure the email address is correct.
6. Why is there an a ‘Powered by Formchamp’ link at the bottom of my form?.

A. The email with the form submission can be sent up to then recipients.
7. To how many recipients can the email with the form submission be sent?

A. The email with the form submission should arrive within seconds. However sometimes it can take up to several minutes, but not more. If it takes more, it is delayed by some kind of anti-spam service that does not know that your email is not spam.
8. How long does it typically take to receive the information visitors submitted on the form?

A. All forms in our Basic plan include a small ‘Powered by Formchamp’ link at the bottom of the form. If you upgrade to our Plus membership, this is not displayed.
9. Does this work with Blogger, FaceBook, Google Sites?

A. Yes, our forms work with Blogger, FaceBook, Google Sites and all other major services and website editors out there.
10. Do you sell, lease or in any other way use the email address submitted by visitors?

A. No, we do not sell, nor lease nor in any other way use the email addresses submitted by visitors. In fact we do not even store this information, nor the information submitted in your forms, unless you want them saved into the database.
11. Is your service free?

A. Yes, the Basic plan is free and allows you to create up to 5 forms and receive 200 submissions. We also have a Plus membership level which allows unlimited forms and unlimited submissions.
12. What is the limit for file attachments?

A. The limit of file attachments is 2Mb per form. If you need more, please ask us!