How to Increase Your Site Ranks Easily

How to Increase Your Site Ranks Easily

How to increase your site ranks rating becomes very vital in the age of google. For many reasons, people vying to raise the rating of their website in order to be the first in google search results. In the ambition, to the extent that not a few who use ways that are not as good as shoot keyword as much as possible, when the contents posted on the website page is very little, or even just simply copy-paste. Because of the importance rating website, was born the professional SEO services, which put a high enough rate. The SEO services offered to the user to raise the rating website, by various methods.

However, we do not need to worry about how to increase your site ranks. For those of us who have limited capital, but wanted to raise the rating website, there are some tricks that can be done, that it is legal and lawful, and without requiring the help of professional SEO services. Here are ways that can be taken to raise the rating website without the help of SEO services:

  1. Consistency and quality content posting

Website rating is impossible rise if the content of the website we are offering is not clear, let alone copy and paste illegally. If it can, it will not last long, and there is even the possibility of getting banned from google. Consistent posting on how to increase your site ranks with a complete and original contents are good. If taking from other sources, include the source with the compulsory complete.

  1. Keyword, bold, backlink

We should make sure to have a special topic where we concentrate there. For example, we like the computer world, then our posts on the computer. Then our website will be out in a google search according to keywords of the computer world. There’s a simple trick to raise the rating based on the keyword posted. For all the keywords that we feel important is bolded. In addition to bold the keywords, there are other tricks that can be used about how to increase your site ranks, and this legal nature such as backlink. If you do not understand backlinks, just read in some sources.

  1. Social media or social networking

Once we consistently make quality posts, the next step is do not forget to always post website in the social networking that we have. By posting on social networks, will allow the social networks of friends we open it.

  1. Gives comments on popular sites (leaving traces)

In addition to post on social media, the next way you can do to introduce our website is to comment in a website or blog popular, according to the topic of our website about how to increase your site ranks. For example, we have a computer website then visit regularly to website about the world of computers that are large and well known, and we commented in the post-post, and in the comments that we also link our website link. This method is very effective to raise the rating website, with a note: only comment on the website with the same topic. If the website about the world of computers, and then we comment on the website about music, then it is clearly wrong. Noteworthy is, just comment only on large and reliable websites, and instead, in forums or websites whose reputation is not known about. One-one, our website address will be misused by other visitors who are not responsible.