PHP Form

PHP form is a way to let your user/client interact with you. This is not possible using HTML. But first, what is PHP? Well Hypertext PreProcessor (PHP) is a server side script language. It is quite a popular way for handling the data of the form after the form is submitted. It is used with the HTML as HTML is incapable of creating interactive and dynamic web pages being a static programming language.

Many a times, you want that the user visiting your site shall register with you. And for that they use the name and password. Or you may also want to include a registration form on your website such that it sends all of the information to you via email.

PHP form is a secure way to send information to the website owner. As such it is known that the web is not safe. There are numerous people who have inbox overflowing with spam. Hackers are everywhere. It’s the responsibility of the programmer to ensure the security of sensitive data while coding a form and PHP offers this feature as it makes your email id hidden.

Hence, PHP forms are very effective when it comes to the information security. The other form creating software impose many limitations but it is not the case with PHP form as it gives you much more than any other software including the number of forms received. You can use these forms on your site for order and request purposes too. The attention given to various factors in this regard is highly appreciated by the customer such as questionnaire.

Additionally, you shall not worry about the compatibility issue when it comes to PHP form. Your site may be about anything. This form is for you like everyone else. It also enables discussion, feedback, questions etc helping you to gain customer’s appreciation.

You can also configure the form in a way that after the submission process is completed, the visitor will be directed to the web page of your choice.

Hence, PHP form gives you everything that you want. With enhanced features, new fields to handle the data properly, it also allows a benefit of storing the existing data when there is a requirement of settings modification. This implies that these forms take both the static and dynamic side input elements. Validations are applied at the client and also at server sides. You can even add new elements and validations to you existing form. With all these features available, they still can be optimized to load faster than other types of forms. So what else you need?

Web Forms

In the world of the internet, the more you attract people towards you, the more you earn. The friendlier your website is, the more you get from it. so you have to design a website that is user friendly. If you are selling something on the internet, then you need to get the customers information.

And this information is both personal and financial. Now what you need is a way to get this information and enjoy your profits. But for doing this all, you need to have some kind of communication medium between you and your customers.

The best solution on the internet is the web forms. To get any kind of information from the users of the websites, you can use web forms. The web forms are really essential part of your website if you’re doing online business.

Web forms are almost built on the entire website to get information from the user. You can even use web forms to get the comments about your product and website. Web forms can be of different types that all depends upon how you want them to be. Whenever you visit any website or you want to buy anything online, at that time they provide you the web form to fill in information.

The web forms can be simple or financial. When these web forms are built to get your credit cards, then these web forms are built spam free and highly protected software are attached with them. So that you may have secure transaction of your money through the use of these web forms. Building a web form for your website is not a difficult task.

You can find many online form builder codes for your website. You just have to write in your web form requirement options and then copy text to your html file and here you have a web from on your home page or web page. Usually php, xml and php are used to develop web forms for the websites. The customer and organization relations must be always good.

They both have to have knowledge about each other to build the trust so web forms provide you and your customer the way to interact each other. When you make a user friendly web form and you ask for the data that you thing is important for your business and communication, then user will fill it devotedly and accuracy. So web forms provide you with the all business solutions in which you need to communicate with your customer or sell your online product.


An HTML form is a web form that relies on HTML

You must have seen HTML forms many a times. Most websites use it. HTML forms to collect the information of the customer that will be used later to inform then about new products, for taking orders which include name, address etc., they are useful for every type and every website.

A HTML form is not different from the actual forms that are available around us for various purposes, like admission, inquiry, employment, questionnaire or load etc. It generally contains information like your name, address, date of birth, Email id and other information depending on the purpose for which the form will be used.

So then why HTML? Well, to begin with, HTML is a basic programming language which is used extensively to design the web pages. It is simple and easy and above all incorporates other languages (like scripting ones) that make your static web pages dynamic and interactive along with an attractive outlook.

HTML form includes a variety of fields that may be required by any kind of website for any purpose. It offers awesome enhancement and provide a medium for interaction between the client and the website owner. It can be used to add comments, provide feedback, registration, user ids and passwords, queries, joining the website or polls etc.

The coding of the form can be customized in case you want to limit the length of any information entered or what data type has to be used to enter the piece of information. The form can use any type of font and its color; can be made attractive by adding background colors or to match the theme of your website. It also allows you to choose what information is important and required by you for the purpose the form is being used.

The HTML form allows you to add text area (of any length that can be limited too), checkboxes to mark multiple options, radio buttons to select one out of many, password to apply one, file upload option, drop-down menus (for anything that has multiple possible value and one to be chosen), reset to restore the default values and submit to send the information.

Using a suitable scripting language, you can create multiple page HTML form (mostly used by banks, colleges, immigration offices etc), or customize the form in a way that it denotes the name of the visitor at the time of submission. You can add print option in your form so that the user can take a print if he wants to or if it is required. You can (and most of the time you do) link it to a database for collecting all the information received so that it can be retrieved as and when required.

Secure Sockets Layer

SSL stands for , and is a way to transmit data securely between the computer of the user and the server.

When your visitor access your site, the information he sends passes through several computers between the user computer and your website server, such as his Internet Services Provider servers. Unless the data is encripted, anyone having access to those servers would be able to see it.

SSL ensures that data travel encripted between the user and the site, so that no one in the middle can see it. It is very useful for web forms that use confidential information, such as credit cards.

Secure Sockets Layer is a Security protocol for web communications. SSL allows for a mechanism to verify the discrimination of an internet client or server, and how to cipher the contents transmitted between them. Hence it can be applied to provide certification and confidentiality for cyberspace services that flow directly between a client and a server. It uses a public key infrastructure (PKI) system grounded on digital certifications.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an encryption protocol that will jumble highly sensitive data from the web browser to the server and allow for only one person entree to the information which plies protection and data wholeness.

Nearly all professional and secure payment gateways are usually preserved by SSL. The internet has opened a whole new world of trade and transactions and while living in London a company can have customers in Japan. This amazing concept has made our world a global village and a borderless market where any one from anywhere can just login and do shopping, but this globalization has also posed many potential problems.

The probability of having your identity and personal bank particulars stolen are limited but it still subsists and you would not prefer to make a purchase only to discover your bank deposit had been vacated the next morning. With the increasing rate of identity stealing crimes who would shop online. In order to overcome this growing risk of losing worldwide customers companies are using SSL protection tools or certification, provided by other authorized and registered companies. As you enter excitable and personal information by means of secure internet site, a cryptographic key is engendered.

This key protects the data keeping it secure by ciphering the information which gives the data a specific key encryption for each veritable session. Exclusive single transaction is processed during authenticated sitting so that the information cannot be hacked or replicated. If your line of work is in a global network or communicating via web you might need to invest in SSL certification to protect your buyers and financial dealings.

If you do not have SSL Certificates your business could suffer a lot. It can also imply that all of your susceptible selective information is accessible to dishonest characters that will blackguard the information. The SSL certificate functions as a guaranty of reliableness and will secure your validated customers and demonstrate them that their safety is crucial to you.

SSL certificates are provided to the registered companies to protect them and their customers against web crimes.

Form Builder

A form builder is simply a tool to create forms. They can be online builders ( such as our service ) or offline builders ( software that can be downloaded and installed on your computer )

Most form builders require advanced HTML or PHP programming skills, but our online form builder does not. You can easily specify how many fields you want, how big the fields should be, which data type each field should have, along with a few more information and you are done.
If you own a website or you are of the owner of a web business, you might need to create web forms sooner or later in the future.

A web form can rely on several mechanisms to work, it can use html and php, or html and cgi. The most used forms are the email forms ( forms that send you an email when submitted ) , or surveys ( forms that save the data into a database and provide statistics )

Many websites are offering different form building techniques. Some are free while other are paid, some are online while other requires software or scripts to be downloaded. Our form builder has a stepped approach, you can select the theme, text font, color combinations and images that you can set on your form. These websites are usually the form builder software that provides you the ideas and ways to build a form for your website.

Create a form in a few easy steps
1. Signup for free 2. Customize your form with our online wizard 3. Copy the form to your site!

These websites offers the form builder tools free of cost but the websites that facilitate you more to build a form for you website usually charge you some amount of money. But these charges are very affordable. When ever you make a choice for form builder, you should go for the one who provides you security from the virus and spasm. capatcha is one of the secure ways to built a form spam free.

On the top of the list are the companies of United Kingdom that provides you with the facilities of online use of their form builder to build a form for you. They also provide you with DNS management for your website. Flash is the most common form builder tool that is mostly used for the images and animated forms. You can create your won choice of web form by using Flash.

But you can get these facilities without putting your self in hard work. You can find online form builders that provide you with more than twenty thousand clip arts and animated images. so it is convenient for you to go for a online form builder that will help your website to be more attractive and beautiful.